Outdoor Natural Light Shoot

As long as the weather permits I use London as my studio to create the perfect background for your shoot. There are many places which are perfect for photography and with our great city there’s plenty of variety for each shoot to be unique. If you have a location in mind I am of course happy to meet you there as well. Throughout the shoot I will assist you with your poses to make sure you look your very best. The outdoor shoot is a great choice for the social media influencers as it allows for lots of different looks, and I urge you to bring several outfits to the shoot.

On Location Shoot with Flash

Nothing makes muscles pop more than side lighting, and if you bring the muscles I will bring the lights. The On Location Shoot means I travel to you for the shoot and I bring all the equipment needed to make you look better than ever, but please don’t forget to ask your gym for permission first. This shoot is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their hard work in the gym - in the gym.

The Studio Shoot

The Studio Shoot is the ultimate fitness photography experience for creating everlasting memories of your grit and determination in the gym. This is perfect for the body builder who is in peak condition just before or after a competition. We will have around three hours in the studio to try different light setups and poses to make you look your best. Feel free to bring as many outfit changes as you want as there will be plenty of time to experiment.